CCS QuickPress Service

QuickPress is a very fast and inexpensive alternative to our multi-step standard Pressing service. For certain books, QuickPress can dramatically improve the appearance, removing large bends and dents, waviness and spine rolls. Dry cleaning is included in the QuickPress service.

CCS offers two QuickPress tiers:

Tier Rate
QuickPress Modern (1975–Date) $200 max. value $8 per book (15 book minimum)
QuickPress Value (pre–1975) $200 max. value $15 per book (15 book minimum)

CCS does not offer its Screening service for QuickPress. As a result, please take care not to submit books with low page quality or weak staple areas.

To submit comics for QuickPress, please sign in to create a work order. Please contact us with any questions.